Managing Editor Wins Second EMMY

By Elizabeth Birge

Faculty Advisor  

Matt Orso, a graduating senior majoring in communication and concentrating in journalism, won his second EMMY award as an associate producer with MLB Tonight, part of Major League Baseball’s network.

Orso was the managing editor of the Pioneer Times this year.

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Clinton, Trump Closing in On Wins

By: Alexandra Metzler

Staff Writer

New Jersey might be a player in the presidential primary race after all.

After Tuesday’s primaries, both the Democratic and Republican leading presidential candidates are close to winning their party’s nomination. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton needs just 144 delegates to win her party’s presidential nomination in July; businessman Donald Trump needs just 102 delegates to get his party’s nomination.

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Clean Hands In A Germ-Filled World

By Guiselle Rubio

Staff Writer

Typhoid Mary might have been just another cook working for the rich in 20th century New York if she’d bothered to wash her hands much.

But she didn’t, even when health officials explained she was an asymptomatic carrier of Salmonella enterica bacteria, which caused the Typhoid Fever. First they imprisoned her for a number of years, and then released her in 1910 after she promised to stay out of the kitchen.

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Profiles of Student Debt at WPU

Nationwide, almost 70 percent of students who attended four-year public and non-profit colleges in 2014 graduated with an average of $29,000 in student loan debt, according to the Institute for College Access & Success. In comparison, students at William Paterson University that year graduated with an average just over $25,000; more than 75 percent of the university’s graduates carry student loans, according to TICAS.

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My Fond Farewell to the Pioneer Times

By Matthew Orso

Staff Writer

The Pioneer Times student newspaper will hold its final meeting for the year on Tuesday. Our writers have worked hard this year to provide William Paterson University students, faculty and staff with news, stories and a paper that provides the facts.  No one can ask anything more from a media outlet, for facts are the founding principle on which all good journalism stands.

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A Disappointing Hologram for the King

By Sarah Smith

Staff Writer

When Tom Hanks is set to star in a motion picture, chances are you’ll know about the film. However, A Hologram for the King was released last week with dismal advertising prior to its debut.

The film, set in 2010, depicts a washed-up American salesman who tries to sell a holographic teleconferencing system to the Saudi Arabian government. The salesman, Alan Clay (Hanks) lost his house and got divorced after the Great Recession of ’07 and ’08 and in a last chance effort to turn his business around, tries to sell his idea to the Saudi king.

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